Ionamin Discontinued In The US

People who are following a plan to achieve a healthy weight often end up speaking to their GP about Ionamin. Ionamin has the appetite suppressant phentermine in it.

This promotes changes in the chemicals of the brain which quell your hunger cravings. By reducing your appetite, Ionamin will make it simpler to eat healthier foods which, in turn, will make exercising easier.

Ionamin functions like stabiliser wheels on a bicycle, making it easy for you to get used to everything, until your new, healthier habits remain part of your life permanently. Please note, this brand name medication is not available in America any longer, although generic versions might still be on sale.

Phentermine is Quite Common – What Differentiates Ionamin

Phentermine is a chemical that is found in several different products. Phentercot, Pro-fast, Adipex, Fastin and Teramine are all brand name drugs which contain the identical active component, phentermine.

Phentermine is also Ionamin’s active ingredient. In Ionamin, the phentermine is enclosed in a specific “resin”, which slowly releases the drug to lessen irritation for those with sensitive stomachs.

Some users also claim that any side-effects they encounter while taking the drug are easier to manage and less abrupt.

Is This Product Suitable for People who are Very Obese

Ionamin is formulated specifically for very over-weight people. Actually, you are a perfect candidate if you have a BMI (or Body Mass Index, which gauges your weight-to-height ratio) of over thirty.

The drug is also suitable for those who have a BMI of more than twenty-seven, and risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

If Ionamin is so Good, why Doesn’t Everyone Take it

Prior to offering you a prescription, your GP will enquire about your health and medical history. Your GP might suggest an alternative drug, if you suffer from health problems like a lung condition, or heart disease.

Furthermore, Ionamin functions in a similar manner to particular anti depressants. If you are already taking particular anti depressants (or MAO inhibitors), you should not take Ionamin as well. Finally, talk honestly with your GP if you have encountered difficulties in the past with drug or alcohol dependence.

There are some claims of people who have conquered an alcohol dependency, but then developed a dependency on phentermine products. Therefore, you and your GP should decide on a product which is less likely to cause you any harm.

How To Use

After you start taking Ionamin, you should speak to your GP regularly. If the drug does not appear to be facilitating weight loss during the initial few weeks, ask your GP if you should change your dosage or medication.

Side-effects, such as mild stomach upsets or the jitters, should be expected for the initial couple of days. However, you should tell your GP if these symptoms continue for longer than this, or if they worsen.

Should you encounter any severe side-effects, such as chest pains or breathing difficulties, consult your GP straight away, because this might be a sign that you should cease taking Ionamin immediately.

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