Fenophen Non Prescription

Fenophen is a three step weight loss system that has become very popular.

It promises appetite suppression, increased fat break down and potent fat burning using a formula which can also make your heart healthier.

This slimming supplement contains only simple and natural ingredients.

The makers claim that their product will eradicate your surplus fat stores, and get you the perfect physique that you always desired.

What Does This Product Have in it

Fenophen uses ingredients that have been scientifically proven to assist with weight loss. These include African mango, that has undergone several clinical trials on human beings.

These trials showed that African mango promoted effective fat burning, cholesterol reduction and appetite suppression, whilst also regulating blood sugar, boosting energy, and offering numerous other health benefits. African mango is like an all in one remedy for almost anything to do with weight loss, although Fenophen does have other ingredients in it as well.

Additionally, Fenophen contains ingredients like cissus quadrangularis and green tea, each of which have undergone comprehensive clinical testing which proved that they could burn extra fat and have a thermogenic impact.

In a study recently carried out in Cameroon, the test subjects who consumed cissus quadrangularis witnessed a substantial lowering of body fat, body weight, total plasma cholesterol, waist size, fasting blood glucose levels and LDL cholesterol, compared to those who had taken a placebo.

Also, green tea has become renown for the ability it has to enhance health by eradicating potentially damaging free radicals with healthy anti oxidants. However, as with the dicaffeine malate present in Fenophen, it is better known for the thermogenic effect it causes due to the supplement’s caffeine content.

All of this makes it seem probable that Fenophen will enable you to slim down, suppress your appetite and burn excess fat, just like the makers claim, along with the other health benefits to supplement this.

Safety and Side Effects

Fenophen uses caffeine and this means that, for some individuals, Fenophen might produce side-effects. Due to its’ caffeine levels, Fenophen could cause insomnia, jitters, racing heartbeats, nausea and headaches for people who have a caffeine sensitivity.

Nonetheless, for many, Fenophen will not produce any side-effects at all. It all just depends on your individual tolerance. If you suffer from particular medical problems though, it is advisable to avoid taking caffeine based supplements completely.

Final Thoughts

Fenophen contains lots of clinically tested weight loss components, and it can successfully facilitate many health benefits in the people who use it.

Fenophen contains African mango, an innovative and cutting edge supplement which is entirely free of stimulants, and only needs to be present in a very small amount. Also, this product contains many other ingredients that combine to ensure that the results will be even more effective.

Fenophen contains ingredients which have undergone innumerable clinical trials. However, the most essential thing you should do to obtain the optimum benefit from taking Fenophen, is to use the product alongside a healthy exercise and diet plan.

Where To Buy Fenophen

Available to buy in most countries including the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Most European countries allow shipments with the exception of Germany and Italy.

Not available to buy offline from the likes of GNC, WalMart and major pharmacies, chemists and health supplement specialists.

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