Ever since the prescription drug Phentermine was restricted in certain countries, manufacturers have been desperate to produce a “substitute” drug that shares similarities with the original Phentermine product, but which does not need a prescription to purchase.

Phentramin-D is one solution they have arrived at. This product uses a “proprietary” formula, which means there is no method of telling how much of each ingredient is present. The manufacturers intentionally attempt to make the product bottle appear like a prescription container.

Phentramin-D primarily functions by reducing the appetite and boosting levels of energy, which causes people to reduce their food intake.

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However, in contrast to obesity medication, Phentramin-D has an additional bonus: it increases your metabolism overall. The makers say that a single small pill, prior to every main meal, will be sufficient to prevent you from over-eating, enabling you to slim down easily.

What Does This Product Contain

Phentramin-D contains 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine and 1,3 Dimethyl Pentylamine Hydrochloride.

Some of these ingredients have proven weight loss effects while other could have a detrimental effect on health. 1,3 Dimethyl Pentylamine Hydrochloride is the clinical name for methylhexanamine, the “party drug” that was banned recently in New Zealand because of its’ potentially harmful side-effects.

While there is data to suggest that it can boost adrenaline (because of the way it activates your central nervous system), this component has never been proven to assist weight loss or thermogenesis. Also, this substance is presently banned by numerous sports organisations, because of the potential health threat it poses.

Dieters ought to recognise the other ingredient in Phentramin-D: 1,3,7 trimethylxanthine is the clinical name for caffeine, which stimulates your central nervous system. Typically, caffeine is used with methylhexamnamine to enhance the impact on your central nervous system, that often causes an increase in energy levels.


No guarantee is offered on the official website for Phentramin-D, which suggests that the makers lack confidence in their product. Actually, in order to purchase the product, you have to sign a lengthy zero liability clause, which essentially states that you agree that the makers are not going to accept any responsibility should their product fail to work, or if it gives you severe complications.

Side Effects

This supplement is unsafe for long term or short term usage. Several people have suffered strokes after consuming the ingredients in Phentramin-D. Also, serious nausea and headaches are frequently encountered. Furthermore, this supplement can adversely impact on your heart beat, blood pressure and vision, which makes it unsafe for anyone who suffers from conditions that afflict these parts of the body.


Do not allow the product’s name to trick you – Phentramin-D does not even come near to being a good obesity treatment. It contains a couple of ingredients that can potentially damage the central nervous system, placing undue pressure upon the heart. The drug is not just ineffective for weight loss, it is also potentially harmful.

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