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Phenterex Diet TabletsPhenterex is a fat reduction product marketed with TV adverts. This “As Seen on TV” supplement claims that anyone can sculpt their body using the components it contains. The company website provides lots of claims about the weight loss effects of the product, but no clinical data is displayed to support these statements.

There are some proven ingredients for weight loss that are frequently included in slimming supplements. However, it seems unlikely that these ingredients are included in Phenterex. A few customer reviews are shown on the company website, although “before” and “after” photographs are not displayed with these reviews. Thus, dieters can not really know whether these reviews are genuine, or whether they have just been written by the manufacturer to sell more bottles.

Ingredients List

Chocamine, DiCaffeine Malate, Phenylethylamine, Mango Seed Extract, Humulus Lupus and Synephrine.

Features of the Product

The first Phenterex ingredient is 200 mg of dicaffeine malate. Dicaffeine malate is simply a different name for caffeine. Including 200 mg of this ingredient into a single weight loss product will produce side-effects for most dieters. Store bought “Stay Awake” tablets have 200 mg of dicaffeine malate in them. Dieters who have a caffeine sensitivity ought not to consume this supplement, because the minimum dosage is a single capsule, and each capsule has 200mg of caffeine in it.

Side Effects

Side effects might include increased blood pressure, the jitters and increased heart rate. Synephrine is a stimulant as well, so the impact of the caffeine is magnified with this extra stimulant. Synephrine is advertised as an ingredient that is similar to Ephedra. However, it has not been proven to facilitate weight loss in the same way that Ephedra does.

Phenylethylamine is a further unsafe dietary ingredient which affects the mood. Whilst lots of mood altering prescription medication is utilised for weight reduction purposes, Phenylethylamine is prescribed by doctors to patients with on going care. Patients who suffer from mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, panic disorder and manic depression should particularly avoid consuming this ingredient.

The remaining components provide little help with weight loss. Phenterex retails for $50.00 per bottle. Every bottle has sixty capsules in it, or a thirty day supply. Dieters take 400mg of caffeine each day with this product. It is essential, whenever consuming a caffeine supplement, to restrict your intake of caffeine from other places like drink and food. Consuming extra caffeine will not help you lose more weight, and it might increase the harmful side-effects.


  • Caffeine is known to increase metabolism.
  • The company website outlines the quantity of each ingredient in the product.


  • No “before” and “after” photographs are shown.
  • Phenylethylamine is unsafe for many dieters.
  • There is too much caffeine in Phenterex.


Phenterex is an unsafe dietary product for many dieters. The massive dosage of caffeine is sufficient to render dieters shaky and nauseous for a whole day. Some dieters might encounter insomnia and a racing heart rate as a consequence of consuming this product.

Where To Buy Phenterex

The most straightforward option is buying through the official website. Third party stockists such as GNC, Holland Barrett do not stock. Noe do pharmacies and chemists.

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