Teramine Phentermine


Phentermine is a generic medication which is available under several different brand names. Teramine is one of these brands. This stimulant shares similarities with amphetamines and is medically used to suppress the appetite. This drug impacts on the central nervous system. It is also available under different brand names, like Ionamin, Adipex P, Obenix, Zantryl and Oby Cap.

Teramine is known to be extremely effective when used in conjunction with exercise, behavioural modification and diet. It combats obesity in patients with risk factors that include diabetes, heightened blood pressure, or raised cholesterol. It may not be the first choice medication in every situation though, because it does come with certain related dangers.

Teramine Abuse

Common wisdom in the medical industry is that store bought dietary pills are amongst the most dangerous and unhealthiest ways of slimming down. Because drugs like Teramine are easily and readily available to almost everyone, they have become a soft target for abusers.

Teramine has everyday ingredients in it, like caffeine, phenylpropranolamine and ephedrine, which can result in rapid addiction. These extremely addictive components ensure that Teramine is easy to tolerate, become addicted to, and ultimately abuse. Whilst Teramine (and other Phentermine medication) continues to be easily accessible, and regarded as harmless by users, it will become an even bigger risk.

Teramine Effects

Medical practitioners are still not precisely sure as to how Teramine functions to facilitate weight loss in people. Some think that it might help by lowering hunger cravings, or by bolstering the levels of energy the body uses. Other people think it functions by impacting on particular regions of the brain. This drug is an appetite suppressor, and is part of a drug class named sympathomimetic amines.

Sometimes, Teramine can produce severe symptoms and, should they appear, use of this drug should be halted. Such symptoms can encompass feelings of breathlessness, fast weight gain, swelling, chest pains, an uneven or quick heartbeat, feeling as if you could faint, abnormal thoughts or behaviour, feeling confused or restless, or blood pressure that is dangerously high.

Anyone who takes this drug could form an unsafe and intense addiction very rapidly. People who become psychologically and physiologically dependent on Teramine, might find it extremely hard to operate in the absence of it. An abrupt end to the consumption of this drug can produce unsavoury symptoms of withdrawal.

Teramine Addiction Treatment

An addiction to Teramine might be life threatening. So, it is essential that people should stop using this drug if they are not using it for medicinal reasons, or if they have been using it for too long. Because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe, it is vital that people who are addicted to the drug stop using it gradually, while being supervised by a physician and a psychiatrist, who are both board-certified.

A good treatment centre will adopt a comfortable method of detox which incorporates withdrawal medication related to Teramine abuse. Typically, treatment includes a physical check on each addict to discover the correct medication to use.

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